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Top 10 Gemstones

Read the top 10 gemstones plus five special others and their effect. Each stone also indicates which zodiac sign it is good for. If there are any questions or you want to know something about a species that is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us contact on with our gift world


Amethyst protects against;

  • intemperance
  • gives calm
  • inner peace
  • balance
  • against migraines and other headache types
  • insomnia
  • swelling in the wrist and knee
  • stimulates creative thinking
  • against drunkenness and hangovers
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Lapis Lazuli

  • Friendship Stone
  • strengthens love and gives self-confidence
  • works against depression
  • epilepsy
  • strokes
  • high blood pressure
  • eczema
  • good for the hair
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  • gives hope
  • success and satisfaction
  • against menstrual disorder
  • promotes pregnancy
  • good for the stomach
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labradorite toe

A strong protective stone

  • Against negative energy
  • connect with your intuition
  • scared of sensitive people
  • analgesic
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Has a protective and calming effect.

  • Spiritual rest
  • emotional balance
  • positive effect on the immune system
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  • Gives motivation
  • self confidence
  • fertility
  • supports absorption of vitamins
  • against nerve pain
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  • Powerful healing stone
  • protects against negativity
  • has a detoxifying effect
  • blood pressure lowering
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  • All round healer
  • Helps relax
  • business level success
  • success in love
  • works especially well with children
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  • promotes self-knowledge
  • reduced worry
  • against stress
  • has an analgesic effect
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tiger eye

  • self confidence
  • relaxes and warms
  • against asthma
  • against colds
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black tourmaline

  • against negative influences
  • restores personal balance
  • strengthens willpower
  • fears disappear
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  • For high blood pressure
  • against lung diseases
  • strengthens hope and confidence
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A sunny stone that has an uplifting and protective effect.

  • attracts luck and success
  • find personal strength
  • against burnout
  • Gives energy
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  • strong grounding effect
  • healing power in addictions
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Stone of the five virtues.

  • wisdom
  • mercy
  • justice
  • courage
  • protects against kidney ailments
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Stones Of Energy By Avonturia
top 15 gemstones

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