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Macaws are birds that, unlike parrots, have a long tail. In general, they are large birds, but there are also smaller ones that resemble parrots in size and yet belong to the group of macaws. For example, you can think of the Ara nobilis (Red-shouldered Macaw). All macaws have a curved bill that is suitable for breaking open seeds and nuts. This beak is also very suitable for building, climbing and of course demolishing.

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Macaw Information

Macaws generally need a lot of stimulation so that they don't get bored. They are very smart, so a food puzzle or, for example, a 'Brain game', etc. is not an unnecessary luxury. Toys for climbing and clambering, to hang from, to demolish and so on should not be missing. Because don't forget that in nature a macaw is very actively looking for food and eating the food it finds about 5 to 8 hours a day. By providing the right toys, we can imitate this as much as possible in the living room.

The food itself is also very important for a macaw. To ensure that your macaw gets the right nutrients, it is wise to have 70% of your macaw's diet consist of pellets (preferably pellets that are tailored to the (species) macaw). These kibbles really contain everything they need. Because the old-fashioned standard diet for a macaw consists of seed mixtures, the macaw can easily eat selectively (for example, they only eat the tasty sunflower seeds from the mixture and leave the rest). These seed mixtures can be used to realize the other 30% of the food for a macaw. This 30% must consist of seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruit.


Different Types of Macaws

There are different types of macaws, of which at least 8 species are still alive. The most famous macaw is surely the blue-yellow macaw† The smallest macaw is the ara severus, or dwarf macaw, with a length of 45 centimeters. However, there are more species with macaws in their name, which are actually not real macaws, this concerns 9 species. So you could talk about 17 types of macaws, of which there are only 8 real macaws. The largest known is the Hyacinth Macaw (90-100 cm), but it actually belongs to a different species.

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