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The best-known species of lovebirds are the lovebird and the forpus. There are, of course, all kinds of species and subspecies. However, these are not the only lovebirds, a parrot falls under the name lovebird if the bird meets all the characteristics of a large parrot but the bird is smaller. Lovebirds are very similar in character to the large parrots, so they also need plenty of entertainment such as toys and training. In short, the lovebird is a nice bird that you can have a lot of fun with if you also spend time taming the bird. Because as smart as they are, they can also fool you!

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Lovebirds Animal Page Avonturia


We call a bird a lovebird when it has all the characteristics of a large parrot, but the bird is just smaller in size. For example, we see that a lovebird, just like a large parrot, has a shorter tail in relation to the body than, for example, a parakeet species. Just like a parakeet and a parrot, a lovebird has a curved beak which he can use when eating, climbing, building, demolishing and when he has had it biting.

Lovebirds generally live in nature in small to medium sized groups. So it is very important that they have a companion to chat with, otherwise they can quickly feel lonely. That's why the lovebird is called ''Lovebird'' for a reason. He really loves love and attention. In general, two male lovebirds get along well or a pair of lovebirds. Two female lovebirds often make noise in the tent.

Lovebirds are really not inferior to the parrots that are slightly larger than them. They are intelligent birds that need a real challenge. To ensure that a lovebird does not get bored, it is important to give it an environment in which it is stimulated a lot and there is plenty to do. Think, for example, of foraging toys, demolition toys, climbing ropes / toys and so on.

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Food Lovebirds

Diet is also very important for lovebirds. Of course, this varies to a certain extent by species. You have 2 types of food for lovebirds: pellet food & seed mixes. A pellet food is actually the best food there is. The pellet food contains all the nutrients that lovebirds such as lovebirds need. Each pellet looks the same and has the same composition. This prevents the selection of tasty and less tasty ingredients and the subsequent shortages.

We generally see that lovebirds are ''delicious'' eaters and prefer to eat only the seeds from their food mix that they like best. Just think of the sunflower seeds that are in most mixtures. These are often the first to run out and are unfortunately also the fattest of the seed mixture. This is called ''selective eating''. To prevent this, you can choose to have your lovebird's diet consist of a part of pellets (about 70%). Pellets are a type of kibble intended for birds. This way they can no longer eat selectively. In addition to the pellets, a combination of 30% consisting of nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit can be given. Which pellets suit your lovebird depends on the species.


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