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The Edelpa parrot

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Red Parrot Eclectus roratus Parrot

sweet parrot

Name Dutch: sweet parrot
Scientific name: Eclectus roratus
Origin: Native to Indonesia and they can also be found in Northern Australia, Halmahera and West Papua.
Age: 60-80 years (Depending on how the bird is kept)
Height: About 35 to 45 cm
Birth: Egg laying (Average 1 to 3 eggs per nest).
These come out after about a month.
Activity: Day active
Legislation: CITES B It is mandatory that the bird has a life ring with unique identification. Also, the bird should not be separated from its parents for 116 days after birth.
Climate: Naturally tropical climate.
Stay: A large cage or aviary with a loose java tree or playground.
Minimum size: 120x80x100cm. ''The bigger the better''.
Food: 65-75% fresh (or sometimes dried) fruit and vegetables. For the rest 25-35% you can let the diet consist of pellets.

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The Noble Parrot is a beautiful parrot that really fooled the scientists who first discovered it. The scientists thought that they had found two different species of golden parrots. They first saw a ''green variant'' Noble Parrot (they thought) and then a ''red/blue variant'' Noble Parrot. Later, the scientists turned out to be completely wrong. The green ''variant'' Edelparrot turned out to be a male and the red/blue ''variant'' Edelparrot turned out to be a female. We suspect that there was a lot of laughter when they found out that they really were talking about 1 species. The man and doll therefore look completely different, and the difference between man and doll cannot be missed.

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Difference between husband and wife

A female Parrot has a red head, a blue body, a blue wreath around the neck, under the wings we also see the blue coming back, there are slightly dark red wings on the top and she has a black bill.

A male Parrot on the other hand is almost completely green but under the wings we see some blue, on the sides of the chest we see some red and sometimes also a little yellow and he has an orange/yellow bill.

It is thought that this color difference has arisen due to the way the Golden Parrot reproduces in nature. During nesting, the female Parrot mainly sits in/around a tree (trunk) in which there is a cavity where she has her nest. The red head color is thought to make the female Parrot less noticeable compared to the brown bark of the tree. Because the male Parrots are mainly away from home and fly in/around the trees at the height of the green foliage, a red color is not useful and they are therefore green in color.

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At the age of 3-4 years, Edelparrots are sexually mature. When the female lays eggs, there are usually only 1 to 3. So gigantic full nests are not to be expected. After about a month of incubation, the young hatch from the egg. The young can only be separated from the parents after 116 days. This is stipulated in the ''Animal Keepers Decree'' that came into force on 1 July 2014. This decision is very important, because it ensures that the young are not taken away from the parents too early. The parents are very important for a growing bird. The fry learn how to eat, where to find the food, what is normal behavior and so on. If birds are taken from their parents too early, they can really miss this bit of education and this can lead to behavioral problems over time.

Noble Parrot Male Clectus roratus Green Parrot

Power supply

The Noble Parrot has a slightly different diet than other parrot species. This is partly because they have a relatively longer gastrointestinal tract than other birds. The Noble Parrot is a real fruit eater by nature. In nature, they often harass local plantations to steal the delicious fruit and let them be wrong, it is also difficult to resist. It is therefore logical that the local farmers are not big fans of the Noble Parrot. In addition to fruit, they also eat figs, nuts, flowers and seeds. In general, a best fat-free diet.

The advice is therefore not to feed a Edelparrot too fat in our living rooms. Therefore, do not give too many fatty seeds, nuts, sweets, biscuits and so on. Of course he likes this, but it is not healthy. Certainly in the long term, eating a lot of fat can cause problems in a Parrot.
You will generally make a Noble Parrot happy with a diet consisting of 65-75% of fresh (or sometimes dried) fruit and vegetables. For the rest 25-35% you can let the diet consist of: pellets, nuts and seeds.

Tip: Do they not eat the pellets? They are fruit eaters, so often the preference is also on the sweet side (this doesn't always have to be the case, of course). Choose a pellet that tastes like fruit instead of nuts and see if he finds that interesting. There is even a softer fruit-based pellet on the market (Fiory micro pills).

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Red parrot couple Clectus roratus parrot


Keeping a Golden Parrot is a party. In general, they are sweet birds that have a calm disposition and are not known to be real screeches. On the other hand, they can make themselves heard if they do not agree with something or if there is something and this can be a quite penetrating sound.

In general, a calm approach is best to tame a Golden Parrot. They are very intelligent so playing a game together can certainly help build a bond with the bird.

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Together or alone?

Noble parrots are very social animals, so a buddy is definitely recommended. The advice is to keep them in pairs without other birds. If you still want to see if it is possible to add another species, check whether it clicks between the 2 parrots. It should not be the case that they get a mate that they don't like and sometimes we see birds that are not waiting for a mate at all. This must also be accepted. So take a good look at the needs of your bird.

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The best way to give a precious parrot a good home is a large cage or aviary with loose java tree or playground purchase. Alternate the stays. For example, when you are at home he can sit comfortably on the java tree and when you are away in the cage. There are different kinds ground cover on the market such as corbo, beech chips, shell sand and discovery bedding. Discovery bed from Back Zoo Nature is a natural ground cover that you can supplement with discovery leaves, pine cones and other natural products to make your parrot feel at home. Noble Parrots are naturally very intelligent birds. So purchase puzzles and other items that offer a challenge to your precious parrot. Also think of hiding fruit in pine cones, not offering food in a bowl but really in a puzzle. After all, in nature they also have to make an effort for food!

Fight boredom by sufficiently challenging and natural toys to offer in your precious parrot's enclosure

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More information?

Do you want to know more about the Noble Parrot? Or do you have questions about his food, housing or care? Then come and visit us! Our bird staff will gladly tell you a lot more about this beautiful bird, the care of the noble parrot and which food is best suitable for your sweetheart.

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