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Gouldian Finch

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Gouldian finch Chloebia Gouldiae Erythrura gouldiae Beautiful finch Tropical bird Buy songbird

Gouldian Finch

Name Dutch: Gouldian Finch
Scientific name: Erythrura gouldiae
Origin: Northern Australia
Age: 5 to 7 years old on average.
Height: About 11 centimeters without the tip of the tail, with tail tip 12 to 15 cm.
Birth: Egg laying, an average of 4 to 6 eggs which hatch after 13 to 14 days of incubation.
Legislation: None
Climate: Savannah
Stay: Aviary or large cage.
Minimum size: At least 60 cm wide, preferably at least 100 cm, the bigger the better!
Food: Grass seeds, millet varieties, seed mix, weed seed & egg food.

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The Gouldian Finch is one of Australia's most colorful tropical birds. By nature, the wild color Gouldian Finch already has various colors of the rainbow. In captivity, however, many dozens of color combinations are bred. For example, there are also yellow and blue gouldian finches and there are different head colors. The Gouldian finch is very popular because of its colors, but it is not the easiest bird.

There are more gouldian finches as pets than in the wild. In the wild, the gouldian finch is not doing very well, in 2008 the bird itself was listed as a protected species. Partly because many grasslands were burned down for agriculture, the main food source of the gouldian finch. However, in 2012 this was removed from the list again and the species is closely monitored, the grasslands are now also better protected.

Gouldian finch Chloebia Gouldiae Erythrura gouldiae Beautiful finch Tropical bird Buy songbird


When gouldian finches are ten months old, they are already sexually mature, but for the welfare of the bird it is better to wait to breed until they are one year old. To put together a strong couple, it is best to let them choose their partner themselves. A couple is often very good together and they do not like to be separated once they have found each other. A gouldian finch has a special mating dance that it likes to show when it sings for the female (doll). He hops high on his legs, often with a blade of grass between his beak, while singing to the doll.

Gouldian finches breed in a closed nest box, preferably a special lying gouldian finch nesting block. Where the male can keep watch in a raised area. The female lays about four to six eggs, usually incubating from the third egg. The fry hatch after about thirteen to fourteen days of incubation and then fledge after about twenty-one to twenty-four days. They will then be fed and cared for by the parents for a few more weeks. Young Gouldian finches are fully colored after about four months, preferably do not move them during this youth moulting period!

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Power supply

Gouldian finches in Australia naturally live mainly on the grassy plains, where they eat many types of grass seeds. In captivity, gouldian finches are mainly fed millet species (millet spray), the seed mixture is best supplemented with weed seed and egg food. Blue gouldian finches also need vitamin A, which they cannot produce themselves. A rich diet with variety is recommended, such as green food, fruit, insects, minerals and stomach grit.

Gouldian finch Chloebia Gouldiae Erythrura gouldiae Beautiful finch Tropical bird Buy songbird


The song of the gouldian finch is very soft, if you have a quiet environment you can still hear it. However, in a busy environment or aviary, the singing will be almost inaudible. Gouldian finches are not easy to keep, not really beginners birds. If you have some experience with tropical birds, you could take the step after being well informed by a gouldian finch enthusiast. Gouldian finches are fairly shy and sensitive and we therefore advise not to take them home soon. Unless you have a really large spacious room aviary, where they have a good day and night rhythm and get enough rest.

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Gouldian finch Chloebia Gouldiae Erythrura gouldiae Beautiful finch Tropical bird Buy songbird

Together or alone?

It is recommended, if there is enough space in the aviary, to keep several couples. Keeping a gouldian finches alone is not recommended in any case. In nature, these animals also live together with a number and in captivity it is therefore recommended. The gouldian finch can also be kept in pairs. However, keep in mind that this bird needs plenty of rest and space, so the cage should be spacious and sheltered. The best thing, both for yourself and the birds, is to see this bird in a group in a spacious aviary which is naturally furnished.

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Gouldian finches do not tolerate cold temperatures very well and cannot simply be placed in an outdoor aviary. You have so-called cold-bred Gouldian finches, these are born in the outdoor aviary and are hardy. A gouldian finch that is kept indoors cannot therefore be placed outside. Even if you have cold-bred Gouldian finches, a (heated) overnight stay for the aviary is recommended. Make sure that the aviary is well sheltered and has several closed sides, so that the wind does not blow through it. Preferably, sunlight can enter the aviary for the production of vitamin D3.

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