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The group of cockatoos is a unique group of parrots that differs from others because they have a beautiful crest. When cockatoos put up their crests, the cockatoos appear very large and impressive. Cockatoos actually use their crests to communicate. They show their emotions and mood with this. The color and/or shape of the crest can differ from the different cockatoo species. Like other parrot species, cockatoos are very intelligent and need a challenge. There are several ways to keep your cockatoo occupied: for example, you can choose foraging toys or natural materials (for example, pinecones) to hide treats in which your bird has to look for. Cockatoos are generally real "demolitions" too, so you'll also need plenty of demolition toys to keep your cockatoo occupied. Cockatoos are also very social birds so a friend is desirable.

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The cockatoo is a unique type of parrot that, unlike all other types of parrots, has a beautiful crest. By putting on the crest, the cockatoo becomes an impressive bird that we cannot just ignore. They can raise the crest for a variety of reasons: from joy, excitement, aggression to disagreement. This makes the crest a wonderful means of communication for the cockatoo. This crest also differs per species of cockatoo. Some species have a monochromatic crest, but sometimes we also see cockatoos with a crest that has different colors like the Inca cockatoo.

The cockatoo is a very intelligent bird and certainly likes a challenge. They are also known as real wreckers, so offering toys that can be completely demolished is a must for this bird. Keeping this bird well occupied is important, so regular foraging toys are also advised. If a cockatoo gets bored or if a cockatoo does not agree with something, he can make himself heard: there are cockatoos that can produce no less than 130 decibels of sound. This can be compared to a rock concert, thunderclap or a jet fighter.


In nature, the cockatoo lives in small groups or pairs. The cockatoo is therefore a fairly social animal, so a friend can often not be missing with a cockatoo in our living rooms. It is important to see what the best combination is. There are also cockatoos that are not waiting for a (busy) buddy. So take a good look at your own cockatoo, take your time and make a well-considered decision, because only then can he/she be happy.

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Our advice is to have your cockatoo's diet consist of 70% pellets and 30% seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruit. Pellets are specially made for birds and are like real chunks that contain everything they need. For example, they can no longer eat as selectively as when they only get a seed mixture. The pellets given to a cockatoo must be made specifically for cockatoos. This is because the cockatoo must have a lower-fat diet than other types of parrots. So get good advice before you start with pellets.

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