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Parrots come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They all have a curved bill that is very useful for cracking nuts and seeds. This bill is also useful for climbing, building, demolishing and if it has had it for a while, biting. A parrot's tail is often very short in relation to its body. That is why macaws do not belong to the group of parrots. Macaws do have a long tail. Read more…

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Parrots Information

Parrots are intelligent birds that need a real challenge. To ensure that a parrot does not get bored, it is important to give him an environment in which he is stimulated a lot and there is plenty to do. Because don't forget that a parrot in nature spends about 5 to 8 hours looking for food and eating the food it finds. So they like a challenge. To imitate this in the living room, you can think of, for example, foraging toys, demolition toys, climbing ropes / toys and so on.

In general, parrots are social animals and often live in groups in nature. For example, with a parrot in our living rooms, a friend can often not be missed. The advice is to look carefully at the type of parrot, ie which combination is most suitable. And also take a good look at the bird itself to see if he/she thinks it is a suitable match. It is also possible that your parrot is not waiting for a buddy. So take a good look at your own bird and make a well-considered decision, because only then can he/she be happy.

Feeding Parrots

The food itself is also very important for a parrot. There are parrots that need a diet that is slightly fatter, such as the red-tailed gray parrot, but there are also parrots that need a diet with less fat, such as the rosé cockatoo and amazon. To ensure that your parrot gets the right nutrients, you can choose to have your parrot's diet consist of a part of pellets (about 70%). Pellets are a type of kibble intended for birds. This way they get everything they need and they can no longer eat selectively (for example, by mainly eating the sunflower seeds from traditional seed mixtures). Of course it is important to purchase a specific type of pellets. It is therefore not wise to give the pellets of a gray redstart to a rose cockatoo. In addition to the pellets, a combination of 30% consisting of nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit can also be given.

Which pellets suit your parrot depends on the species. There are also parrot species such as the noble parrot that are naturally fruit/vegetable eaters, so with this species we rather recommend that the diet consists mainly of fresh/dried vegetables and fruit.


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