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When you think of parakeets, perhaps the first species that comes to mind is the budgerigar† But this group consists of many more species of parakeets than you would expect. For example, have you ever heard of the Princess of Wales parakeet or the barraband parakeet? We call a bird a "parakeet species" if it is in fact a small "parrot" with a long tail. They are also generally slender in stature, small in stature and have a curved bill. The word parakeet refers to about 115 species of birds.

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Parakeets Behavior

In nature, parakeets generally live in groups, so they do not like to be alone. It is therefore also advised not to keep a parakeet alone, but preferably with a congener. In general, 2 male parakeets or a couple of parakeets can get along well. Two female parakeets often make noise in the tent.

Parakeets are generally intelligent animals that are very social. To ensure that your parakeet does not get bored, it is important to give him an environment in which he is stimulated a lot and there is plenty to do. Think, for example, of foraging toys, demolition toys, climbing ropes/toys and so on.

Parakeets Food

Diet is also very important for parakeets. Of course, this varies to a certain extent by species. But we generally see that parakeets (if at all possible) are ''tasty'' eaters and prefer to eat only the seeds from their food mixture that they like best. This is called ''selective eating''. To prevent this, you can choose to have your parakeet's diet consist of a part of pellets (about 70%). Pellets are a type of kibble intended for birds. This way they can no longer eat selectively. In addition to the pellets, a combination of 30% consisting of nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit can be given. Which pellets suit your parakeet depends on the species.

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