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Rainbow Budgerigar

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Rainbow Budgerigar

Name Dutch: Rainbow Budgerigar
Scientific name: Melopsittacus undulatus
Origin: Australia
Age: Average 5-10 years (in captivity).
Height: About 18 to 20 cm from head to tail tip.
Birth: Egg laying (Average 4 to 5 eggs per nest). These hatch after about 18 days.
Activity: Day active
Legislation: No CITES, but legislation: Must be at least 43 days old before they can leave their parents.
Climate: From a desert climate to a (sub)tropical climate.
Stay: A large cage or aviary with a loose java tree or playground.
Minimum size: Minimum dimensions 80x40x60cm. ''The bigger the better''.
Food: (70%) Pellets and/or Nutri-Berries in combination with (30%) seeds, fruit, vegetables and nuts. Always provide stomach grit with a seed mixture.

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The rainbow budgerigar actually looks a lot like the regular budgerigar. The main difference between the common budgerigar and the rainbow budgerigar is the color. The rainbow budgerigar has a combination of multiple colors in its plumage just like the real rainbow actually. However, the rainbow budgerigar often has pastel shades in its plumage, while the colors of the common parakeet mainly consist of the "harder colors". They are very similar in character to the common budgerigar. They are also very social and like to have a companion. The rainbow budgerigar is also a relatively "easy" bird to keep. Rainbow budgerigars can live to be between 5 and 15 years old, depending on the care, food, housing, etc. A Rainbow Budgerigar can easily live to 15-20 years with good care, but in practice we often see that a Rainbow Budgerigar on average 5-10 years old.

Males and females Rainbow Budgies are similar in color. Young female Rainbow Budgerigars have a pearly white nose cap with a light blue rim. Young male Rainbow Budgies have a pearly white nose cap that is pink to purple. Once mature, the color of the nasal caps will change. Female Rainbow Budgerigars then have a brown nose cap and male Rainbow Budgerigars then have a dark blue nose cap. So the only obvious difference between man and doll is the color of the nose cap.

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If a male and female Rainbow Budgerigar decide to lay eggs, the male will take it upon himself to be on the lookout and the female will incubate the eggs. Usually she puts 4 to 5 at a time in a nest block. Of course there are outliers and we see nests with even 8 eggs.

After about 18 days, the Rainbow Budgies will be born. They are not immediately independent and are completely dependent on their parents in the first period of their lives.

In the ''Decree holders of animals'' that came into effect on 1 July 2014, it can be read that Rainbow Budgerigars must stay with their parents for at least 43 days. In those 43 days, the parents teach the youngsters all kinds of things, because you don't just become an adult Rainbow Budgerigar. Rainbow budgerigars that are younger than those 43 days may therefore not be sold.

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Rainbow budgies are very social animals and do not like to sit alone. Sometimes boredom can strike, which can lead to deviant behavior. If they have a buddy to play with, the Rainbow Budgerigar will be less likely to get bored. There are some rules when pairing 2 Rainbow Budgies. Two females together is not a good idea. These often squabble and noise can arise in the tent. Two male Rainbow Budgerigars, on the other hand, are very easy to keep together. A pair of Rainbow Budgerigars (male and female together) generally works well. In contrast, 2 couples together again backfires.

Buy Rainbow Budgerigar Melopsittacus undulatus parakeet

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Two birds that have never "lived together" must first get to know each other. This is best done in a "neutral" space. This ''neutral'' space can be made by completely redesigning the cage that both birds are to stay in (you can do this by removing, moving or replacing stuff). The environment is new for both Rainbow Budgies and they can explore everything together. It is also very nice to set up the cage as adventurous as possible. That way they can explore together.

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Taming Rainbow Budgies is great fun, but requires a lot of patience. It is best to first look for what your Rainbow Budgerigar really likes. Every person is different and every bird is different. One likes nuts and the other likes fruit. Have you found something that your Rainbow Budgerigar really likes, then you can see if you can lure him to eat the treats from your hand. Due to a lot of repetition, the Rainbow Budgerigar will come to you more and more and faster.

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More information?

Have you become curious about the Rainbow Budgerigar? Do you want more information? Our bird workers are happy to help you! So come by soon to see what we have for sale. We always sell Rainbow Budgies with a warranty. If there is something wrong, after this period you can of course always contact us!

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