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Lagomorphs are a group of Mammals that consists of two families. The first is: Hares and rabbits and the other are the: Whistling hares. A rabbit is therefore not a rodent, this is partly due to the differences in the teeth. Read more…

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Although the Hares and Rabbits were long thought to be closely related to the Rodents, nothing could be further from the truth.

Hares and Rabbits differ from the Rodents mainly in their teeth. Rabbits and Hares have broad, white incisors with a longitudinal groove, while the teeth of rodents are narrow, smooth and orange. Lagomorphs also have two extra incisors in the upper jaw, these are called pin teeth. Because of this, lagomorphs are also called "double-toothed".

The way they use their teeth is also different. Lagomorphs rotate their jaws while chewing and rodents move their lower jaws from back to front.

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