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Keeping Guinea Pigs Outside

Keep guinea pigs out

A Life in Nature: Keeping Guinea Pigs Outdoors Permanently

The beautiful summer weather inspires countless people to get started in their garden. Many rabbits get a beautiful outdoor enclosure where they can enjoy the fresh grass and fresh air. We are aware that rabbits develop a winter coat in the fall and can stay outside all winter, but does this also apply to guinea pigs? We are increasingly getting the question “Can I use my guinea pigs keep outside?" Is it possible to guinea pigs keep it out all year round? And what are the requirements for that? After reading this blog you can get started on a fantastic country house for you guinea pigs to realise.

How Much Space Do Guinea Pigs Need?

First of all, it is important to see how much space you want or can free up for the guinea pig accommodation and of course whether you have your own guinea pigs only want to keep it outside in the summer or all year round.

For only a summer country house, you can use the "normal" recommended size. This means at least 1.20x50cm, but we prefer to recommend 1.40x50cm for 2 guinea pigs. Remember, a bigger stay is always better!

When you get your guinea pigs want to keep outside all year round, it is recommended to have an outdoor run of at least 4 m2 and an indoor enclosure of 100x50cm. These sizes are the minimum necessary to meet all the basic needs of a group of 4 Guinea pigs.

Can an outdoor enclosure be too big for guinea pigs? Yes, that's possible. The indoor accommodation, which functions as a shelter from the weather, cannot provide enough insulation and warmth if it is too large. On the other hand, the outdoor run may not be big enough, the more space the better.

Keeping A Group Of Guinea Pigs Outdoors

Can guinea pigs stay outside all year round?

Ja guinea pigs can be kept outside all year round! If you your guinea pigs also want to keep outside in winter, it is recommended to use at least 4 guinea pigs to keep together. This is because 4 or more guinea pigs keep each other warm in winter. Of course you also have to adjust the space to this.

A group of 4 guinea pigs can be kept outdoors all year round. A smaller group than 4 guinea pigs is not advised.

Although guinea pigs do not develop a specific winter coat, they naturally have a dense and short coat to regulate their body temperature. Make sure the outside temperatures are consistently above 18 degrees Fahrenheit during the day before moving them outside. From that moment on it is not wise to bring them back inside.

How do you protect guinea pigs against external influences

Of course you don't want anything to happen to your guinea pig friends, so it's important to be aware of all the dangers that come with the outdoors.

Protecting guinea pigs from predators

A good, sturdy, complete fence (both at the bottom, side and top) ensures that no predators can enter the enclosure. Preferably opt for marten mesh that is at least 1,5 mm thick. Make sure that the animals cannot get their feet caught in the mesh by covering the bottom of the mesh with tiles, Discovery Bedding, sand, wood chips or grass.

Guinea pigs protect against weather influences

Of course there must be a shelter in your run. Of course you have to group guinea pigs have enough space here to lie comfortably and move around, but it should also not be too large so that it is easy to warm up the enclosure.

A group of 4 guinea pigs can live outside all year round, provided measures are taken against the weather. In winter there must be access to a watertight and insulated shelter filled with hay and straw. And in the summer there must be a shelter from the sun where they can cool off.

Stay your guinea pigs outside in the winter, it is important that the shelter is well watertight and insulated and that it is provided with a thick layer in the winter hay en straw so that the guinea pigs stay nice and warm. We recommend always placing the shelter slightly off the ground so that the cold is less likely to enter the shelter from the ground. An important point is that the shelter is ready for winter as soon as the night temperature is around 12 degrees Celsius.

Protect your guinea pigs from the heat of the sun

Not only the cold is a point of attention, but also the sun. Make sure that the shelter you have is not in direct sunlight, as it will get too hot. Where the shelter must of course keep warm in winter, the guinea pigs must be able to escape the heat in summer. You might can make a double roof and/or a double floor where you can use the sun in the summer cooling plates can put between (and a heat mat in winter) without the guinea pigs can chew on it.

In addition to the shelter, it is important also smaller ones hiding places in different places in the run so that the guinea pigs feel safe and can hide from the sun, rain, snow or when they feel unsafe.

Keeping Guinea Pigs Outside

Enriching the habitat of guinea pigs

Of course, an outdoor enclosure with only some hiding places is not challenging enough for your guinea pigs. therefore it is important to add some enrichment. guinea pigs have a natural need to gnaw, so provide safe chew toys such as cork pieces of willow balls. This keeps their teeth healthy and provides entertainment.

Provide challenge and activity through natural elements in the outdoor area. By being able to nibble, smell and play with grass, pine cones or leaves, for example, the natural digging and searching behavior of guinea pigs is stimulated.

Add natural elements to the outdoor area, such as sod, pine cones of leaves. guinea pigs can nibble, smell and play with this, which stimulates their natural digging and searching behavior. Add new items or toys regularly to keep the environment interesting and challenging for you guinea pigs. This prevents boredom and stimulates their curiosity.

Keeping Guinea Pigs Outdoors In The Garden With Back Zoo Nature

Creating a natural living environment with Back Zoo Nature

For your group guinea pigs To keep them happy and healthy outdoors, it is essential to design the environment to match their natural behaviour. The brand Back Zoo Nature offers a wide range of products specially designed to enhance your natural environment guinea pigs to imitate in your backyard.

So you can Back Zoo Nature Corky Tube en Corky Shelter use it as a natural shelter. And there are different types leaves en herbs with which you can enrich the habitat and stimulate foraging behaviour.

With Back Zoo Nature products you can create a challenging and natural living environment for your guinea pigs in no time at all.

By using the products of Back ZooNature you create a natural living environment in an instant. By imitating nature you give your guinea pigs the ability to exhibit natural behavior and feel comfortable in their environment. This is absolutely vital to the well-being of your party guinea pigs.

Stay alert to changes in your guinea pig's health

Keeping it out permanently guinea pigs it is important to stay alert to changes in their health. Take the time to interact with you daily guinea pigs and observe their behavior, appetite, body condition and overall health. Watch for signs of discomfort, such as difficulty breathing, coughing/sneezing, aggression, or decreased activity. Regularly check their body weight and condition to make sure they stay healthy.

If you notice something is wrong with one of your guinea pigssuch as changes in appetite, weight loss, coat problems or other visible signs of illness, it is important to take immediate action. Consult a veterinarian experienced in treating pneumonia guinea pigs to ensure the best care and treatment for your pet.

Keeping Guinea Pigs Outdoors In The Garden

Create the ideal outdoor enclosure so that your guinea pigs can stay outside all year round

We know that with proper planning and precautions, you can guinea pigs can be kept outside all year round. By creating an optimal outdoor area, you give your guinea pigs the chance to enjoy the fresh air and natural surroundings.

  • Provide enough space
  • Keep a group of at least 4 guinea pigs
  • Provides protection against predators
  • Provide a sturdy inner corner that protects against the weather
  • Create a natural living environment
  • Provides enrichment in the form of toys and natural elements
  • Stay alert to changes in health
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