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Mappa Mundia

Mappa Mundia Logo
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Mappa Mundia Entrance Expo Mini Zoo Zoo The Hague

What is Mappa Mundia?

Mappa Mundia is an indoor, expo, mini zoo located in Avonturia† In this world you can enjoy yourself as a family, a real day out in The Hague (South Holland) with the whole family or with the family.

Mappa Mundia is the collective name for world maps that differ from the real world maps. This world map was captured by various explorers who brought fantasy stories to life and did not dare to leave at all. They had cool stories about mermaids, faunies and creatures with huge feet that they used as umbrellas in warm weather. Yet there were also stories that did not fall under the fantasy and yet turned out to be real. Mappa Mundia: A world map where fantasy and reality go hand in hand.

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Professor Das Mappa Mundia Zoo The Hague Scientist World Trip Expo Mini Zoo Educational

Join an expedition!

The expedition through Mappa Mundia starts at our Basecamp, you will receive a map here, so you cannot get lost!
With this map you go through various worlds of archaeological excavations, cave systems, the adventure tree, temples, stalactite caves, the harbor of Bombay, via the Princess Emely boat to the rat sewer in The Hague in search of the wonderful world of Professor Das. Visit Professor Das' house on Jan Huybersplein and discover the Penguin Academy. Along the way you will come across the collections of Professor Das's far travels. The route he has traveled and all the special wonders of the World, which the professor has experienced, taken with him and explored.

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Mappa Mundia, formerly known as Avonturion, has been proclaimed by the AD as cheapest zoo in The Hague Region, from research by RTL Nieuws

🧭 Mappa Mundia is open 7 days a week during opening hours of Avonturia de Vogelkelder.

🧭 Reservations are not necessary, you can come whenever you want!

🧭 CAUTION: Mappa Mundia is unfortunately NOT accessible with a wheelchair or pushchairs.

🧭 Before large groups, schools en children's parties reservation is necessary.

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Jan Huijbersplein Mappa Mundia Zoo The Hague Expo Mini Zoo

Want to relax?

That is possible at the Jan Huybersplein. Here you can take a seat at the tables in this very special location. In this beautiful square you will be surrounded by ancient buildings, a train station and much more! At the very end of Mappa Mundia you come to Avonturia's Kitchen, where you can enjoy a snack, drink or fresh adventurous sandwiches in a natural environment!

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